Practical Knowledge of Automobile Tires
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      It is not surprised that we compare automobile tires to people’s feet. Protecting tires performance normal is just as protected feet healthy, which links to people’s safety directly. Here we give you a completely construction for using and maintenance the tires.

      Nine Key points to check tires

      The four tires of the car, including the spare tire, must be given a regularly inspection each month. During the inspection, you should check if there is any crack or scratch on the tire surface. It is better to stretch out your hands to the tire inside to check if there is any suspicious trail. As long as any suspicious trail exists, you should go to the car shop to ask for detailed check. Throw away the defective tires right away. Once finding the tire surface wearing is abnormal, you should realize maybe some problem happens on front wheel toe-in adjustment.

1Sidewall edge wear

If you observed the tires along with the direction of driving, you may find some bigger abrasion happens on the edge of the tire sidewall. It stands for that the tire is always on the status of under-inflated, which is lack of air pressure. You should check the tires air pressure often. If it is possible, you should inflate according to the highway standard, which means inflate 30kpa more than normal condition.

2Convex-shaped and wavy wear

If the part of the tires on both sides of the land-touching appears convex-shaped abrasion and the surrounding of tire was wavy abrasion, it shows that the car’s shock absorbers, bearings and spherical joint axis were worn badly. Proposed to check the suspension system and replace the abrasion parts of this system before replacing the tire. Otherwise it is no avail even if replaced the tire.


3Surface wear equably


The tire’s surface wearing equable is normal. Once the pattern has been worn over, it means that the life of the tire is over and should be replaced. In addition, the patterns also own perfect drain ability so it is essential to keep grasp ability.


It is pointed out that it is forbidden to make tire patterns by yourself. If the wear has reached the standard depth of patterns (1.6mm for normal tires. 2mm for the nominal section width surpass 175mm tires), the tires should be replaced. Of course, there will be differences in the degree of wear and tear. But the differential is not more than 5mm for different tires in the same axle.


4Tire inside internal injury


When the vehicle and a hard object to have collision (For example, hit on the edge of pavement) or driving on the flat tire condition, the rubber layer of the tires would be badly nick which will affect the sealing function. In this case, the tires will be flat even broken. If the wear area is smaller, it will be repaired, but the tires should be replaced right away if you want a long trip.


5Center Wear


If it is found that the center area of the land touching part of the tire got a bad wear, it indicates that the tires are often on over inflated status. It is not only bad to the tires maintenance but also accelerated abrasion of tire. It is necessary to check if the pressure gauge is accuracy and then adjust the pressure properly. Only in the case of driving on the high speed or on the load condition, it is necessary to be over-inflated. In general conditions, it no needs to be over-inflated.


6 Tire sidewall crack


Due to poor maintenance or running on the roads and construction sites with a number of stones, so as to make the hard objects to contact with tire or cause the tire inner to damage under the stress, then should take repair as the priority choice. Otherwise the tires should be replaced. Although the tires are applied for the new technology at present, but they are more effeminate, should be properly maintained

7Tires bubbling


When the sidewall appears bubbling, it is because of cracking in the tires inner, making the gas reach the surface through these cracks, causes the tires “Bubbling” eventually.

In this case, repairing is not enough, especially for long trip driving, it is better to replace the tires.


8Tire inside wear


It is common to see that some old car bodies are up to the chin because of the suspension system. This indicates that the tire deformation and the symmetry of the two tires are effected. It is better to replace all the parts related such as the shock absorbers, ball joints. However, if the cost is too high, you can consider asking for professional technician to adjust the angle between the front axle and the tire firstly.


9Local tire wear

If only one piece of big area wear shows on the tire surface, it indicates the case caused by stopping the wheels during the emergency brake. But if two same wears show on the front wheel and rear, it indicates some problem happened on the Drum brake. In this case, the tires have to be replaced.


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