Six Essential Elements of Maintenance on Automobile Tires
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      When shoes have been wore out, it is possible to make them up, or we can just discard them and buy new ones. However if your beloved car’s tire presents abnormal attritions, then you need to search for the reason, do not think that everything will go well when you changes the tire. The normal use of tires influences not only running status of cars but also the automobile safety.

  Lack of pressure easily lead to blowout

      Regarding to the daily use of tire, should pay attention to the pressure of the tire. Some people think that the blowout is caused by superfluous air in the tire, and lack of pressure is not a big problem, this is too unilateral .Generally speaking, passenger car's moving speed is very fast, the shape of tire is at one kind of high frequency alternation condition. If the pressure is insufficient, the distortion will enlarge, and the pattern on the two sides of the tread will excessively be worn. When the tire is unable to resist the pressure of the ground, it will bring distortions. At the same time the high temperature will accelerate the tire’s abrasion. These all will lead to the blowout finally. Therefore we should maintain the standard pressure according to the factory's requirements, including barometric pressure of spare tires. We can use the barometer to test the tire’s pressure, but must do it under the normal tire temperature conditions, because when the tire is hot, the measurement result will be inaccurate.

  The front and rear tires change positions mutually

      In addition, the tires should exchange the position for every 10,000 kilometers. Commonly the engine lays in front, the front and the rear axle of car assignment load is different, because of the effect of inertia in the brake, the load of front wheel usually occupies 70%-80% of the total load. Since the four tires' loads are not equal, this will make more abrasion to the front tire. In order to reduce this phenomenon, the best method is to exchange positions for front and rear tires.

  Avoid rapid acceleration during driving

      During the automobile movement, the rapid acceleration, braking and turning should be avoided, it will be bad not only for the mechanism of automobile but also for the life of the tire. If the abnormal driving are carried on repeatedly, such as rapid acceleration, braking and turning, will cause the sudden distortion of the tire, the imbalanced wears of the crown , the tearing of the highway pattern and the rise of the internal temperature, which will leave the tire in an easily rupture condition.


  Balance test to the tire should be made regularly.

      The tire balance is divided into dynamic balance and static balance.  Dynamic unbalance will cause the wheel wobble and make it have the wave attrition; Static unbalance will produce the phenomena of jolts and beat, which make the tire spotted. Therefore doing regular inspection of Dynamic and Static balance would lengthen the tire life, enhance the stability of the driving automobile and avoid the traffic accidents that are caused by the jolts and beats of the tire at high speed.


   The same bus is forbidden to install heterogeneous tires.


      The one vehicle shouldn’t mix loading two kind of different specification tires, for if installing two kind of different specification tires on the identical axis, it will make turning excessive or insufficient, or it will be easy to cause the side-slipping. The light influence is to affect the flexibility of automobile's operation, heavier it will cause traffic accident.

  The attrited tire should be eliminated promptly.

      The tire should be eliminated according to its attrition rate, the one which reveals the attrition symbol shall be replaced immediately. Generally speaking, it suggested that tire service life is about 40,000-50,000 kilometers. If the travel course are few, replacement is also suggested when the period of revolution surpasses two year. Because the tire is made up of B rubber material, as the time goes, it will have the deterioration ageing phenomenon and is easy to produce the chap under the effect of environment, which makes the user worried about the accident.


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